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BestKM Corp DBA Bestkmco.COM – Exclusive Distribution Contract with KAHUNA in DFW Area- is a leading purveyor of exquisite of massage chairs. Our production presently introduces 2 conceptual frameworks: Digital and Pragmatism. KAHUNA Massage Chair is one of the fewest companies in the industry to provide the breadth and depth of selections and after-sales service to its customers.  We strive to become a true embodiment of ingenuity combined with diligent workmanship. KAHUNA has traveled along the way with massage chairs since 1994. Kahuna has had achieved top-tier results from product development to distribution with our previous massage chairs. After making strenuous efforts to broaden arrays of traditional massage chairs, our new massage chairs our now on the market. This transition marks a monumental step forward in terms of functionality and durability.

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Our Major Products

Our massage chairs provide transformative performance, which surpasses the existing concept of quality at an unprecedented level. As your body adjusts to quintessential serenity, you’ll be captured by your inner fountain of calmness. Its symphonic waves will touch the deeper muscle tissues, while releasing and melting your muscles simultaneously.

These foot and leg massager machines feature the latest technology to provide the best possible massage, including soothing heat, specific massage modes based on your desired level of pressure, pre-programmed massage sessions, and wrap-around squeeze massages for full coverage.

Patented industry-leading first foot massager with 3D roller calf massage mechanism choose from a wide variety of massage techniques.

Kahuna Premium LED Mask only uses the most effective NIR with the most up to date technology that enables to emit full density of the light that no other leading brand could nearly come closer to.
Thousands of words will not be sufficient to the real efficacy of KAHUNA PREMIUM LED MASK V2.

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